My journey with Trading Saga

Written by Gleb Karapish (founder) on 2021-07-01

Wall street

New York, Manhattan. September 2019. It’s 7:50pm on the clock. We'd known each other for a good decade. I've been waiting for him, my buddy and ex co-worker Philipp in a highrise right across the street from the infamous Bloomberg building on 731 Lexington. Phil walked over to a conference room on the 15th floor in one of those WeWork offices. Sporadically, we'd discussed ideas for a startup in general. Phil didn't know at that exact moment of my personal and a serious intent - I wanted to stick to a product idea and take it all the way to the market. It’s that time in own life when past employment experiences and dreams converge in a pure goal to prove oneself. ’I can do it. I can build it. I can deliver it’.

Phil kept repeating back and forth to me. ’Take a simple, a very simple idea for a product. The execution, that's what matters. The execution and commitments long-term matter a lot’. I was very committed. His proposal was to create a simple game to burn time while on a subway ride. He personally would want to play something like that. Something like a Ninja Fruit, but for stocks. You slash and hack a stock chart. Let's say, you single tap on screen to buy stocks. You tap again, and voila' all stocks are sold. The plot and concept seemed a bit to basic for me. Despite that, I saw that those simple actions could help training the trading intuition.

Well, we both trade on the market. And with the right team crew, it’s doable to spice the story up. Let's start rolling, and see how far we will carry on. Go Team!